Computational Engineering

01 Nov 2015 · Nutils 2.0 release candidate [news]

After more than a year of steady development, a new release of our Nutils Finite Element library is imminent. We like to call on users to bring their (actively maintained) scripts up to date against the current code in the master branch, and report any unexpected issues via Github to help us iron out the final wrinkles. Please refer to the Changelog for an overview of changes since version 1.0.

03 Feb 2015 · Compressible Euler flow [news]

A numerically challenging problem to solve is compressible flow. This primarily has to do with the hyperbolic nature of the problem. The movie shows a finite-element solution of a two-dimensional extension of the SOD shock-tube benchmark. A triangular region of high pressure is released into a region of low pressure. [...]

23 Jan 2015 · Torsional buckling [news]

In elastic theory, the infinitesimal strain formulation is sufficiently accurate to approximate small elastic deformations. For larger deformations, however, the non-linear, finite-strain formulation should be considered. The first figure shows a large elastic deformation using the infinitesimal strain formulation (left) and finite-strain formulation (right). The color represents Von Mises stress. [...]

01 Jan 2015 · Happy New Year [news]

HvZ Computational Engineering wishes everyone a happy, healthy and successful 2015! [...]

01 Dec 2014 · Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities [news]

When a single fluid contains layers that move with different velocities, vortices are formed on the interface. This phenomenon is known as Kelvin-Helmholtz instability. [...]