Computational Engineering

17 May 2013 · HvZ goes official [news]

We are very happy to announce that today HvZ Computational Engineering was officially founded. This marks the end of a rather long incubation period, in which we have been steadily shifting things in place and laid the foundations to make HvZ a success. Now that we can narrow our focus, expect to start seeing more activity here in time to come. [...]

26 Aug 2011 · Wijnand has a date to defend his thesis [news]

On Monday November 14 Wijnand will defend his dissertation in the Aula of Delft University of Technology. The defense starts at 9:30 a.m. and everyone who is interested is welcome to witness this happening.

08 Jun 2011 · HvZ and ASML agree on terms for a long-term project! [news]

Today Hvz and ASML reached an agreement regarding a long-term on-site project, for which Wijnand will assist in the design and improvement of certain machine components.

07 Jun 2011 · ASML, Mecal and HvZ discuss a possible cooperation [news]

In a joint meeting of Hvz, Mecal, and ASML, we discussed methods to handle nonstandard convection-diffusion-type problems. HvZ presented a solution method that offers a significant accuracy improvement for the problems of interest. Mecal and HvZ now consider to combine their knowledge of numerical approximation methods and existing simulation software, and thereby improve their consultancy services to ASML. HvZ looks forward to this cooperation.

17 May 2011 · HvZ website goes live! [news]

After showing a "website in progress" sign for too long, we are very proud to welcome you to our new home! Read on here about what we do and who we are.